How to prepare your child for pre kindergarten school
Are you planning to admit your child to a pre kindergarten school set up? But is your kid really ready for it? Pre kindergarten is usually the first establishment or educational set up that your child goes to and probably the first time he goes away from home and from you. It thus becomes important to prepare him for the new phase as many kids don’t take going away from their parents well. Even the outgoing or introvert ones may throw tantrums when they are exposed to a new environment. The following given points will help you prepare your child for pre kindergarten school ;

Use pretend play to let your kid get the idea of preschool

The first thing to do is to use the method of pretend play to introduce the idea of pre kindergarten to your kid. For example, take turns to play teachers, parents and kids and teach your kid how to greet teachers, say goodbye to parents, read stories, sing songs, tell nannies when the kid needs to go to the toilet and others.  The focus should be on telling your kid that preschool is a good place and shall be fun with other kids.  Answer the kid’s questions patiently and do not make a fuss about it being a new environment.

Help child develop self-help skills

If your child doesn’t already know how to use the toilet or isn’t good at other self-help skills then you should take out time every day to incorporate these skills in him so that he is prepared for pre kindergarten.  Some skills that must be taught include tying shoe laces, unzipping jackets and coats, the idea of sharing, going to the toilet themselves, eating food, sipping water and others. This will give him confidence and will prevent you facing the problem of teaching these things once the school is on.

Try leaving the child with relatives or friends to let him get the hang of it

Most kids are not used to being without their parents for too long and pre kindergarten is no different. Thus try and leave the child for a few hours few times a week with relatives or friends so that he learns the fact that parents may be away from him once in a while.

Now that you know the main ways to prepare your child for preschool, you won’t face a problem once the session starts.  Most pre kindergartens offer a positive child learning environment where kids don’t face any problems and one of them in San Ramon, Dublin California is Aegispreschool which you can try for your child.